Delivery Day

It’s delivery day for the Mosman park art Awards.

Delivery day is mixed feelings day for me.

Relief I got the painting there safely with no rips or dents  in the canvas or a broken frame that could totally destroy in an instant my chances of exhibiting.  Disasters,  natural or otherwise are an artists worst nightmare.  Just getting a large,  framed painting in and out of the car is fraught with problems – A task hindered by an excessive breeze and lack of muscles! Thank goodness I have a large car!

As an artist, I  put my heart and soul into a painting.  I know pretty damn quickly if a painting is going to work or not.  Believe me, I have piles of unfinished canvas in my studio…sometimes the composition is not right or I’ve stuffed up the technique or I’ve stuffed up the colours and turned them to mud.  Often though, I  just can’t put my finger on what is wrong.  It just doesn’t work and therefore I have no joy in getting it finished.

So when I have a painting that has been a joy to work on, that has just felt right from the beginning; where the process has been a challenge but an enjoyable one, its with a great sense of pride that I let it go. But it’s still very scary!  Your little ol’ soft  heart goes with it!

I feel really good about ‘Look Before you Leap’.  I don’t feel like I could have done any more to it.  It’s up to the judges now and as art is in the ‘eye of the beholder’…who knows how it will go?  Next saturday is the opening.  S C A R Y!!!  There are an incredible amount of amazing artists in Perth.  Every single one of them could win…depending on what the judges are looking for.  Every one of them could sell…depending what tickles the buyers fancy.  So as you see, it’s not a given that a good painting will sell or win.  So many factors.

But it’s there now…out of my hands. Signed, framed and delivered.

All I have to do now…is keep on painting!

x Mia


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