2016 – A Debrief

My Gals – 2016 NFS 30×40′

Okay, so I feel almost embarrassed to write this blog post…it has been almost 5 months since I’ve written one. 5 months!  How can this be?

Well, let me tell you just how this can be.

I certainly haven’t been sitting around lounging on the couch in my pjs, scoffing chocolates and keeping up with the latest Oprah or Dr Phil (are they even on the box these days, or am I a decade out of touch?) It has been an epically busy year and with epic busyness comes a certain amount of stuff that just doesn’t get done…like feeding my family and writing my blog.

So here goes my annual debrief (which I, ahem, forgot to do last year)  I do this mostly for myself, a one-off statistical analysis  for my records and because if I don’t, I just can’t remember each year to the next! So if there is anyone else reading this other than my Mum, please excuse my boasting and lack of humility.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

2016.  You’ve been the best year yet…and the hardest year yet.

I failed dismally with 2016’s 365 photo project…I only got as far as day 57.  Yikes. day2  Bummer after the awesomeness of my 2014 ‘Adventures of Monet,Manet and Minet Quin’ and making it right through a whole year with my little friends. I wont promise one for 2017 but I do love a photo project…just not in the same year as a major exhibition!!

copyright Mia Laing 2014
Day 100!!!!! WooHoooo…10th April ‘The Mad Hatter: Have I gone Mad? Alice: I’m afraid so. You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are.’ Its day 100 of my year long photo project…satisfaction I’ve made it this far with this crazy, mad idea. I’m loving how its turning out and can’t wait to see another 265 photos added to the album. Please shout out if you are liking all the fun…feel free to share!

I have painted 37 paintings of various sizes. This is just one more than last year surprisingly, so I am probably at my limit, given it’s a similar amount. Detailed realism you take time.

I’ve found ‘Forever Homes’ for 24 paintings…a record.  A very happy record.  Baring in mind that many of these paintings have been painted over the last three years, not just this year. My canvas storage spaces all over my house are breathing a little easier.

copyright Mia Laing 2016
‘Cleared for Landing’ oil on canvas 2016 24×30′ / 61x76cm SOLD

I’ve had some major highs and some very low lows in 2016. Though I entered 10 art prizes this year, I was only selected to hang in half of them. Sadly the biggest and my most favourite show, The Royal Agricultural Show,  was one of the ones I didn’t get into.   The ol’ head space took some work to keep strong but I got through it. On a positive note, I did enter some big national prizes and though I didn’t get through, I was certainly proud to have given them a shot and I did get through as a finalist in an Australasia wide show, The Clifton’s Art prize, with only 100 paintings chosen across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong.

I won ‘Best Oil’ in the West Australian Society of Arts annual show…such a terrific achievement!

copyright Mia Laing 2015
‘Drift’ oil on canvas 30x30inches ‘Best Oil’ WASA 2016
See, Hear, Speak No Evil Submerge 36×48′

I had my first major show in April – ‘Three Palettes’ at the Moores Gallery in Fremantle.  MY OH MY.  What a blast.  Shared with my two gorgeous art buddies, Jan Brown and Alicia Gorey, it was an incredible achievement and an absolute high light of my art year.

© Mia Laing2016
Three palettes Exhibition – some of my still-life.

In November I finally  got gallery representation!!! Oh boy, did I ever shout that from the roof stops. The Studio Gallery in Yallingup, Western Australia.  It was the gallery I was aiming for and I am beyond thrilled to have made it onto their list of quote ‘leading Australian artists’.  How I love those three words. They are only taking my still-life flat – lay plate series at this point, so I have finished up the year with a flurry of new plates on my easel. Figurative work temporarily on hold.

copyright Mia laing 2016
Plates series Artist – Mia Laing

I also have two Perth based businesses displaying my work…Aube Nouvelle in Claremont and The Dalkeith Veterinary Centre (with commission at the vet going to the SAVE Foundation and the preservation of the endangered White Rhino)  I am the sole ‘Artist in resident’ for both businesses.   I am so grateful to have this support for  getting extra eyes on my work.

Award winning West Australian artist, Mia Laing 'Tall poppies' oil on canvas 2015 60x36inch / 152x91cm copyright Mia Laing 2015
‘Tall poppies’ oil on canvas 2015 60x36inch / 152x91cm SOLD

I also joined Bluethumb, an online art gallery, which has already successfully rehomed my largest figurative piece.

'Fringe Dweller' oil on canvas 2015 36x48inches unframed copyright Mia laing 2015
‘Fringe Dweller’ oil on canvas 2015 36x48inches SOLD


I painted two personal heirloom projects for our family.  Absolute favourites. (See ‘My Gals’ above)

copyright Mia Laing 2016
Nothing Gold Can Stay oil on canvas 2016 24×30′ / 61x 76cm NFS

So there you go…after 5 years of this blog, the art is going well but the writing not so much!  Maybe 2017 will be the year of the word too?

Thank you for your ongoing support in my art journey and all that awesome cheering from the sidelines. I have made so many incredible connections through my FB


and Instagram art pages


There are some days when this invisible network of loyal supporters really does keep me going. Especially many of you art gals that are walking a similar journey as full-time professional female artists, with all the juggles that come with that.  In fact, some of the invisible online friends have now become actual have coffee real-life friends!!  Thank you Gail, Jo, Felicia, Linda, Jen, Stephanie, Claire, Miranda and Anne- Marie (we will get one in 2017 hopefully!) Please forgive me if I left anyone out?

Thank you Jan and Alicia for being such an integral part of this year. April was so unbelievably special and I wouldn’t have wanted to have a first exhibition with anyone else.

So there we have it..a clean palette, a blank canvas, ready for whatever 2017 puts on my easel.

Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Mia x




3 thoughts on “2016 – A Debrief

  1. Oh Mia, what a great year you’ve had! So great that you have sold so many pieces and to have found representation.
    I imagine that art prizes are similar to literary prizes in that they are nice because they’re recognition from your peers, but, in my opinion, it’s nicer to have readers who want to buy your book. The thing is, what readers like isn’t always what judges of a literary competition like.
    I say that because people seem to like your paintings and they buy them to hang on their walls for everyone who enters their house to see, and that is the nicest compliment anyone can give.
    Onwards and upwards in 2017!
    PS. I love your plate series—they’d look terrific in my kitchen. I’ll have to call in …

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