Mia and her newest Muse

 Perth Realism Oil Painter and Illustrator Mia Laing

West Australian oil painter, Mia Laing has successfully navigated working as a multiple genre artist, painting widely across still life, narrative portraiture, wildlife, pets, whimsy and illustration, receiving awards, gallery representation and licensing for a number of her paintings over the last 15 years.

Born in Kenya, East Africa in 1969, before returning to her Mother’s home town of Perth in the early 1970’s. Mia spent an idyllic childhood in Cottesloe, a coastal suburb of Perth, bordered by the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and the meandering Swan River. Shared time between her parents gave her the best of both worlds, the tranquility of the Aussie bush and beach and the fast paced excitement of school holidays spent with her commercial Aviator father exploring many parts of Asia.

The early days of her career were spent pursuing children’s illustration in watercolour and gouache. Mia’s current work still includes many aspects of the detailed and narrative drawings she once produced, combining still-life, wildlife and landscape into refined larger scale oil paintings. Her paintings have affiliations with illustration, narrative art, allegorical art, symbolism, surrealism and traditional realism.

Mia’s most recent paintings fall into a new genre, imaginative realism; a genre that is finding strength in todays competitive and collectable art market. She starts with a concept, for example, suitcases, and forms and imagines a scene from there, creating a painting purely from her imagination, seeking reference photos for the various elements within the painting mostly from her own photography.

Creativity and humour and a play on language are a constant source of inspiration for Mia. Many of the forms in her newer works are symbolic, though some are purely decorative and she will often title her works with an idiom or cliche.  Depending on the viewers lived experience, each viewer will read a different story in her art. Mia’s artworks are created to bring joy and colour into homes.

“I am humbled daily by the wealth of talent across the Australian art market and across the world.  At times it has had me questioning what I can offer to my galleries and collectors that will be different from everyone else. These are good questions to ask yourself…striving and tenacity and questioning are half the battle of being a professional artist. Hard work and perfecting your skills comes next.  I want to bring advice, knowledge and support to other artists and to showcase my art to collectors and galleries. I give the stories behind my art, the juicy bits of the paint process, and pondering’s and rambling’s about life at the end of a paintbrush.  I tell it like it is, with occasional woohoo’s and trumpet blowing, tears in the inevitable low times and quiet when there’s nothing to say. ” 

Representing Galleries

Gallery 360, Perth, Western Australia

Gallery Aura, Kojunup, Western Australia

Yallingup Galleries, Yallingup, Western Australia

Satch and Co, Holbrook, New South Wales

Bluethumb Art Gallery (online and Adelaide)


Lalalandshop – Greeting cards and merchandise available in stores Australia wide and online.


LC Caffe, Davies Road Claremont, Western Australia

Repeat Offender, Hay Street Subiaco, Western Australia

Urban Soul Foods, Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia


Instagram – My Mia’s Art

https://bluethumb.com.au  – Mia Laing


Commissions Welcome

  • 2018 ongoing – Licenced with Lalalandshop.com – Greeting cards and merchandise.
  • 2020 – Partnership with Disneyplus and Bluethumb Art for the Launch of  ‘The One And Only Ivan’.


  •  2020 Winner People’s Choice – Mandjar Art Award 2020 (Sunset Love)
  • 2017 Winner People’s Choice – Mid West Art Award 2017 (‘Electric Blue’)
  • 2016 Winner ‘Best Oil’ – West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show 2016 – ( ‘Drift’ )
  • 2015 Winner People’s Choice – West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show – 2015  (“Reflection”)
  • 2014 Winner Framers’s (Curator’s Choice) Prize – Perth Royal Agricultural Show – 2014  (“Reflection”)
  • 2013 Highly Commended – West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show – 2013  (Peaches and Pottery”)
  • 2012 Winner People’s Choice Award – Town of Mosman Park Art Awards – 2012 (“Look Before You Leap”)
  • 2012 Winner First Prize – SAVE Animal Art Awards 2012 Perth Expo – 2012  (“Girl’s Best Friend”)


  • 2015 – Permanent Acquisition – Continental Court Apartments, Claremont – 2015  (“Stormy Reflections, Freshwater Bay”)
  • 2014 – Permanent Acquisition – Sock it to Sarcoma Cancer Foundation – 2014 (“Joy”)
  • 2013 – Permanent Acquisition – Hollywood Adolescent and Youth Cancer Centre – 2013  (“Sock it to Sarcoma”)
  • 2013 Permanent Acquisition – Newman College – 2013  (“Summer Love”)

Solo Shows

  • Selected Permanent Artist in Residence Dalkeith Vet, Dalkeith. 
  • 2016 – Selected Permanent Artist in Residence Aube Nouvelle Interior Design and Homewares,
  • Aube Nouvelle Interior Design and Homewares, Claremont, 3 month invited artist 2015
  • Suburban Table Restaurant, 3 month invited artist 2013
  • Solo Artist Wall – Perth Art Expo – 2012

Three Person Show

  • 2019 Kidogo JAM (With Joanne Duffy and Alix Korte) Kidogo Art house Fremantle 14-20th November 2019
  • 2016 Three Palettes Exhibition (With Alicia Gorey, Jan Brown) – Moore’s Building Contemporary Art Gallery Fremantle, 1st – 17th April 2016


Group Exhibitions


  • Upcoming shows – Churchlands, Hale, Cossack, Kalgoorlie/Boulder, Army Art.
  • Perth College Art Exhibition 
  • West Australian Society of Arts 


  • Melville Art Awards 2020
  • Finalist York Botanical Art Prize 
  • Mandjar Art Exhibition (Award Winner)
  • Hale School Art Exhibition 


  • Hale School Art Exhibition
  • Rottnest Foundation Art Award
  • Beverley Art Award
  • West Australian Society of Arts 
  • Petrichor Little Big Art Award
  • Perth College
  • Donated painting Stalight Children’s Foundation 


  • Beverley Art Awards
  • Kalgoorlie Art Prize
  • Churchlands Senior High School
  • West Australian Society of Arts (SOLD) 
  • Cossack Art awards
  • Perth Art UpMarket (Stall Holder) 
  • Pup Art for Guide Dogs WA exhibition 
  • 70 Violins for 70 years 


  • Newman College
  • Cliftons Art Award
  • Perth College (SOLD)
  • MLC Ladies College (SOLD)
  • Beverley Art Prize
  • Mandjar Art Prize
  • West Australian Society of Art
  • Churchlands Senior High School
  • Mid West Art Awards (PRIZE WINNER – People’s Choice)
  • Kalgoorlie Art Awards
  • Melville Art Awards
  • Royal Agricultural Show Inaugural Landscape Prize Finalist (SOLD)
  • St Marks College (Featured Artist)
  • Bencubbin 100yr Celebrations Featured Artist


  • Newman College Art Expo (invitation only) (SOLD)
  • West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show (Prize Winner)
  • Army Art (invitation only – August)
  • Claremont Art Awards – (pending August)
  • Finalist Clifton Art Awards (Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, HongKong-  100 finalist only)
  • St Marks College art awards 



  • Newman College Art Expo (Invitation only)
  • PUBLIC Salon 2015
  • West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show (Prize Winner)
  • City of Wanneroo Art Awards
  • Perth Royal Agricultural Show


  • Newman College Art Expo (Invitation only)
  • West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show
  • Perth Royal Agricultural Show (Prize Winner)
  • Natural Environment Exhibition, ENEX100 Perth City (SOLD)
  • City of South Perth Emerging Art Awards


  • Newman College Art Expo (Invitation only) (SOLD x 2)
  • West Australian Society of Arts Annual Show (Highly Commended)
  • Perth Royal Agricultural Show (SOLD)
  • City of South Perth Emerging Art Awards


  • City of Mosman Park Art Awards (People’s Choice Winner)
  • Perth Art Expo – University of WA  (Animal Art Award 1st Prize Winner)
  • Perth Royal Agricultural Show
  • City of South Perth Emerging Art Awards


Mia has been selling steadily from her studio collection since 2012.  Collectors have described her work as ‘emotionally uplifting’.

A Little More About Mia

  • ‘Crazy dog lady’.  Covered in dog hair and madly in love with her furriest golden child. You can follow the dog antics on her Instagram page goldengirl.gracie and on her stories on her art Instagram mialaing_artist
  • Avid hobby photographer. You can see her photography (iPhone and Olympus OMD) on Instagram at  prettyasapixel.mia
  • Open for commissions, gallery representation, licensing and collaborations.
  • Follow along via newsletter signup…a once every now and then (sometimes not even that!) newsletter giving a debrief of the month; sharing news about what’s on. Pinterest.
  • Email:  miasart@iinet.net.au
  • Australian Business Number (ABN) available



Privacy Policy

22 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mia, I’ve been enjoying your blog a lot and have nominated you for a couple blog awards! If you’re interested you can visit: http://ltclifeonhigh.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/the-love-just-goes-on-and-on/

    1. Thank you, thank you! Will see what I can come up with by the weekend….school holidays….so hard…to think..! I’m not actually sure if I even follow enough blogs yet, I’m that new to all this. Finger counting as I type….

      1. You’re very welcome! And no worries, I often wait a bit to get back on awards posts because I discover new blogs all the time. And I often don’t really follow the number of blog nominations that’s listed to be honest. 😉

  2. Hi Mia, first of all let me say how beautiful and just…incredible your paintings are, wow! I’m truly blown away. You have SO much talent! Secondly, I noticed you’re a WA artist, I’m from WA too! So I will definitely be following your blog with much interest and awe from now on. xx

    1. That is soooo funny, for some reason I thought you were from the states!! Not my home town! I’ve followed you for a while, always adored your illustrations because that is my background – tried to break into the children ‘s illustration market for many years and practically lived at the children’s literature centre in Fremantle. Your 365 project is fantastic and I take my hat off to you as I can just imagine how hard it is somedays to be inspired. Thanks for connecting. Mia

      1. I’m just trying to get into the children’s illustration market now. I’ve been a designer/illustrator for an eternity (!!) but never in the children’s/picture book area, more corporate design, but now I so desperately want to illustrate picture books! I just signed up with SCBWI today, are you familiar with them? I’m hoping that might get me started in the right direction…or some direction…I’ll take any direction!

        Anyhow, if you’re ever around Subi and you see a short lady with a red sketchbook (and most probably a two year old in tow), say hello!

      2. It’s a tough industry but your work speaks for itself. Sign up for anything you can and get in touch with the children’s literature centre – Lesley Reece. They are a great help. I got burnt out just trying to get my foot in the door but I may get back to it one day. I love illustration and when my kids were little it was all about kids books!!!

      3. …and yes, I’ll keep an eye out for you! I live at Jackson’s!!!

      4. HA! Me too! I was there on Friday.

        Thanks for the Literature Centre details, just looking at their website now, looks interesting.

  3. Hi Mia, your art is absolutely beautiful; both in subject matter and the skill level at which you paint! -Cindy

    1. Thank you Cindy! A lot still to learn on this never ending art journey.

  4. Great blog and wonderful paintings Mia. You have a talent for painting the ocean.

    1. Thank you Dean. It’s always wonderful to have feedback.

  5. I would love to purchase “a girls best friend”. It represents everything my golden was to me. Thank you.

  6. Hi Mia, It’s me Juliet – friend of Anton’s. I follow you on Instagram. I am just admiring your blog and of course your amazing art work. I am currently attending a modest art school here in Perth and am trying to oil paint (my first ever attempt at ‘painting’) portraits of my four children (and maybe the dog as well ;)). I’m afraid I’m not that good and would love some tips. The style that I like is very similar to how you paint. I would also be interested in looking at buying a painting of yours. Love your colour palette too !! look forward to staying in touch on your blog.

    1. Hi Juliet, thanks so much for getting in touch via Instagram and here on my blog…what a small world it is that you know my brother! Congrats on starting the big project of your 4 kids and dog! Wow. Be brave…it’s just paint and thankfully with oils you can keep on going over it for as long as it takes. I have often gone back to old paintings that are cringe worthy and fixed them…takes a lot of perseverance to learn oils. I would be happy to take a look at your painting if you email me and give some pointers. I don’t teach at this stage but may be able to gently guide through years of taking guidance myself. Where are you doing your lessons and who with? My home email is my best contact…miasart@iinet.net.au

      Now onto business…’Reflection’ is $1900. I use artist quality canvas and paints and it has been professionally framed by ‘art presentations’ in Claremont. It is just over 30x40inches, 76x 101cm. A decent size. If you would like to see it, just let me know.
      Best regards,

  7. I’m also interested in your ‘reflections’ painting, can you please email me the price. thanks

  8. Hi Mia, is it possible for you to send me the “Parking at the pub – Thompson Bay” photo as it is a beautful photo with my boat in it. It would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Jonathan, just found your message when I took a better look…let me see if I can even find this photo, as my computer is in crisis mode and has gone into severe photo meltdown. I’m getting a new computer this week and will need to find it on my external hard drives. I will get back to you in a week or so. Which boat is yours?

  9. Dear Mia,
    I just came across your art on Bluethumb and am so delighted to have found your blog. There’s a lot to enjoy here 🙂
    On a non-art topic, I noticed your surname and that you live in Perth, and I was wondering if you are related to Hugh Boyd Laing, the Scottish schoolmaster? (I’m writing something about him for a Celtic Studies conference, so when I saw the name, I wondered!) Hope you don’t mind the question.
    Best wishes,

    1. Hi Katherine,
      Thank you for saying hi! I’m in Perth Western Australia just in case there’s any confusion to Scotland! My husband is Scottish, from Perth, Scotland. I will ask my father in law if there is any connection and get back to you.
      Nice to have you following Australian artists.

  10. Hi Mia,
    Thanks for the reply 🙂
    If your husband comes from Scotland (I was born there too) then it would probably be a different Laing to the one I’m researching. In case you’re interested, this is him:
    Anyway, I think your art is lovely and I’m glad it’s going well on Bluethumb!
    Will keep reading your blog.
    Best wishes,

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