Autumn Musings, ‘Spring Blossom’ and Rotto Fun

The calendar says we have ticked over to autumn.  Hmmm…it may take a few weeks for Mother Nature to register this little piece of information.  Perth struggles to find its autumn and spring as a general rule, and prefers to skip these two prettiest seasons that other parts of the world do in such a spectacular fashion.  We just seem to cruise along with a long and extended summer, that gradually and in no spectacular fashion, turns into the colder weather that we call winter.  Winter then does its thing, a few chilly mornings, a tiny bit of rain and suddenly its summer again.  Tourists love it, our British migrants love it,most Perthites love it… but personally, I really, really would love the four true seasons….autumn leaves how I love you.  Spring blossom, you make my heart sing.

What to do?

‘Spring Blossom’
Oil on canvas – 2013

Paint the seasons of course!!

‘Spring Blossom’…welcome to Perth.  Now I can enjoy spring all winter long!!

‘Spring Blossom’  is part of an exhibit of my paintings that is opening at Mosman Park restaurant “Suburban Table” next week. 622 Stirling Highway, Mosman Park.  Dinner Tuesday to Saturday,  5.30- 11pm.  I haven’t eaten here yet, but friends have and say its fantastic…fresh, beautifully cooked local produce.  It’s all about the food…and a little bit about the art!!  Go on….you will thank me… Suburban Table!

Enough of the Autumnal musings…We took a breather from all things school, work and art this weekend…well…not art.  I just can’t quite turn off from the art! It was a 4 day weekend for mid-term.  We headed to Rottnest Island on our boat for some fresh air, sea water and some complete and utter down time.

Rotto Relaxing
Rotto Relaxing

In between reading, (‘Lola Bensky’ by Lily Brett – great book club read by the way!) swimming and a few GnT’s, I managed to take quite a few photos…again.  Luckily.

Luckily?  Yep…there is a groovy new cafe in Geordie Bay and they have a gallery space…I quickly jotted off an email, applying to exhibit there in the not to distant future. Fingers crossed.  If I get a yes…Rotto paintings – here I come!  Thank goodness I love Rottnest and have thousands of photos to choose from!! Here are a few from this weekend…

Geordie Bay
Geordie Bay
Geordie Bay - as full as it gets!
Geordie Bay – as full as it gets!

All the bays were full of every size and quality of boat this weekend…every man and his craft was out in nautical force, possibly catching the last of the summer weather and the last break before Easter.

Shadow of the Fun
Shadow of the Fun
Aussie Scots!
Aussie Scots! Note – Dudie did not fly these flags…but he did like them!
Beach Cricket Rottnest style!
Beach Cricket Rottnest style!
Longreach Sunset
Longreach at Sunset
Longreach Bay
Longreach Bay

We found some old friends on one of these huge catamarans and joined them for a shared dinner…Bel was in Catamaran heaven!  Her dream boat…

Longreach Bay
Longreach Bay
Overcast skies - Longreach
Early morning skies – Longreach

We awoke on Monday morning to overcast skies (Autumn?  Is that you?)…still hot enough and calm enough for a last swim before heading for home.

Thank You Rotto for another beautiful stay. Until next time…

X Mia

3 thoughts on “Autumn Musings, ‘Spring Blossom’ and Rotto Fun

  1. elizabeth mortley March 13, 2013 — 6:05 am

    hi. We are new owners of a family medical practice in Mosman Park. We are refurbishing our surgery and are looking for local inspiration for the final touches. i.e. we need a logo that captures the essence of living between the ocean and the river. i’ve been looking at native flora, etc. whatever we do, I would like it simple. i have a few ideas. And we’re also looking for prints/photos for the walls. would love to look at your work…or talk further.
    thanks kindly, Liz

    1. Hi Liz…thanks for getting in touch. I’m not sure how I would go on the logo front, but certainly for photographs of local scenes, I am sure I could help. Please email me a more detailed scenario of what you are after for me to consider. If you have thoughts on sizing, frames and style of images you would like and how many images you think are needed. As a busy mum, I will assess the email first, instead of organising an exact time for a phone call. The next few days are quite manic for me with work being done at our house!
      Looking forward to your thoughts,

    2. Hi Liz…multitasking, packing lunch boxes and forgot to give you my email…
      Thank you, Mia

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