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Mia Laing - My Mia's ArtSummer is arriving rapidly in Western Australia.  Historically, we go from winter to summer within a few days and always seem to skip the much-anticipated and totally loved spring that other parts of the globe get in abundance.  A sad fact of life in our blink’n hot climate.

Just days ago (Tuesday) it reached a maximum of 12 degrees celsius.  It was windy and wet and cold enough to have the heating on, extra blankets on the bed and a few layers of warm clothing…Today (Sunday) it was 29 degrees celsius.  We are talking 17 degrees difference in 5 days…there goes our spring in the blink of an eye!

The flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing, the flying ants have hatched and as I type, I have my first Gin and Tonic of the season by my hand –  complete with lemon from my own tree. I gave the garden a quick drink too…my small display of spring blossoms were looking a bit hot and bothered and in need of a pick up too.  It’s 5pm and the windows are still open, bringing a light freshness to the house after being closed up for most of the winter.

Believe me, I cannot and will not ever complain about winter in Perth…it’s generally mild and meek compared to how most people around the world experience winter.  I own two coats…I’ve worn one…once… this whole winter!! Even though I LOVE winter –  the fashion, my jeans, boots, open fires and comfort food,  my thoughts have turned to all that I love about summer in the West.

BBQ’s, salads, sunshine; flip-flops and painted toenails; Frangipani, Hibiscus and Jacaranda; Lemon’s and Lime’s from the garden…Mojito’s on the back of the boat at Rottnest.

The kids have beach love…hot sand, cool water, colourful bathers, floppy hats and big sunglasses; the bright orange and yellow of a summer sunset….We don’t love so much the sunburn, big waves and sharks!  Yikes!

I painted ‘Beach Love’ from a photo I took at the tail end of the last summer holidays.  A sunset picnic at the beach, with a cooling afternoon sea breeze blowing away the intense heat of the day. We had been busy getting organised for school.  Running around, collecting books and stationary; buying uniforms and lunch boxes and  oversized school shoes.  8 weeks of summer relaxing was drawing to a close and the beach was the perfect place to celebrate the time we had and the year that was to be.

I hope you like ‘Beach Love’…It’s my 7th beach themed painting, as you can tell, the beach is a big part of our lives here in Perth.  I am sure there will be many more beachy paintings to come!!

Mia x

5 thoughts on “Beach Love

  1. Wow Mia this is an awesome painting! I love the position of the girl and the drawing of the heart. Great job! I see your water mark and plan to do this to all mu on line art!

    1. Thank you June…went through my whole online gallery about 3 weeks ago and watermarked. It was bothering me that I didn’t have it done. Glad I did after reading your blog last week! Glad you like this painting..I loved your hibiscus the other day..we get that colour here in Oz.

    2. June, I saw Mia’s watermark and thought of you so I’m glad you noticed it already. Putting it smack dab in the middle should definitely slow down some would-be art thieves!

  2. On first glance, I thought your painting was a photograph! Just goes to show what a great job you did. Being from southern California, I also have a deep love for beaches. 🙂 And glad you’ve added the watermark, there’s too much online thievery that goes on so it’s always good to try and prevent more from happening.

    1. Thanks for your comments Lillian…southern California – yep, definitely a beach girl!! Sad that watermarking has become so important, but there are some real rascals out there as June knows. Mia

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