Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

A few weeks ago I had the job of photographing a friends twin girls for an updating of their casting portfolios. Oh, the fun we had!mymiasart.com

Photography is one of my passions beyond paint and an area that I am trying SO hard to get better in.  Like painting, photography is a constant learning curve and a practicing of concepts. It’s all about learning to see a moment worth capturing, finding the best light and utilising the correct settings on the camera to hold it in time. I’ve finally taken the step into RAW formatting… Yeah! I have no idea why I was so scared of switching from jpeg to RAW, but I’m so glad I have finally done it… now, I need to do an editing course.  See, the learning curve never ends!


Over the last 5 months, I have been quietly beavering away in my spare time late at night,  at an online photography course through ‘The Photography Institute’.  It’s been good.  The first few assignments were incredibly challenging on the ol’brain cells, as they pushed the technical side of photography that I have never even thought about before – grey cards, calibrating, lighting, raw processing, white balance,  to name but a few areas.  It has pushed me and taken me from self-taught hobbyist to …well, slightly more taught hobbyist!


  My latest assignment is to question where I ultimately see my photographic journey taking me.  It is an interesting thought, that has had me mulling over where and how my art and photography combine and which one will be the bigger focus in years to come.


Travel is the issue here – painting is just not quite as portable as photography!  For the plein air painter there certainly is some portability, but even then, it has its drawbacks – easel, palettes, brushes, paints…mess….wind, rain….weirdo’s invading your personal space whilst you are in the throes of painting.  I’ve heard of many artists who have had to pack up and run from both wildlife and lowlife!


Thank goodness travel with a camera is a little more discreet and safe!  The practise I am putting in now, with my girls still at school and life very much ensconced in the suburbs, will eventually be used for travel…and writing about travel hopefully!mymiasart.com

One area I need a lot of practise in though, is street photography.  It takes guts to wander foreign markets and streets and openly take people shots.  I find it very confronting and invasive, but would so like the courage to try it more often.

mymiasart.comImagine getting a photo like this one (above) with a child of another culture and language?


But right here, right now, its practise, practise, practise with my kids and any I can borrow!!  I want to get to the point where I am confident to set up a photo shoot with kids I don’t know for a photo session or painting commission and to visualise a painting idea and have the photography skills to capture it.


Miss L and Miss V were the perfect models for my first non family photo shoot!  I am thrilled with the outcome. (My camera is an Olympus OM-D5 if you are wondering! The perfect travel camera.)


I used the following image for my last photography assignment….

copyright Mia Laing

The tutor was “VERY impressed” with this photo!!!

Hey!  I impressed myself …LOL!!!

So, as we approach the school holidays once more, I have nearly finished the ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ painting. See last weeks post for the story behind the image (WordPress was a little quiet on the sharing front last week…I think many of you may have missed it??! I only got one like which is really odd? I know this blog is tiny but not that tiny!) Anyway, have a read, its been my most important painting to date. http://mymiasart.com/2013/04/07/sock-it-to-sarcoma

It’s beautiful and I will share the final image next week.  I’ve poured my heart into it but it certainly has been a case of speed painting to make sure it was finished before the busy school holidays.  10 days for a 30×40 inch canvas, start to finish….

Remember, ‘Dreams dont work unless you do’!

Mia x

15 thoughts on “Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

  1. Wonderful photos, Mia! Beautiful light, beautiful colours — and beautiful girls, of course. I’m new to this blogging business, and I’m still working out how it all works, so I’m sorry I missed your post last week. I just visited and ‘liked’ it.

    1. Thanks Louise, the ‘Golden Hour’ light! So special. It took me a very long time to tread through the blogging set up…I have know idea still about a number of things! WordPress didn’t share it last week for so e reason which was shame for such an important post. Never mind. Enjoy the blogging voyage…it’s better than constantly sharing with the hubby and kids!!

  2. Leone Martin-Smith April 15, 2013 — 12:36 pm

    Your journey is revealing something very special Mia – one step at a time is all it takes – very impressive, you are well down that yellow brick road – Bon Chance

    1. Oh Leone…It’s wonderful to see you here! Thank you so much for your lovely, encouraging words. I am loving this journey along the yellow brick road…one delightful step at a time! X

  3. Those eyes! I think these girls are part Bambi! So beautiful and such soulful photography Mia, I feel your loving energy in each shot. Plus, sounds like you had a lot of fun and we all know that’s the key for choosing your direction.

    1. Thanks so much Tricia…aren’t these girls gorgeous? Bambi eyes! Love it. Hope you are finding your direction too?

  4. Mia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE A BRIGHT SHINING EXQUISITELY TALENTED ARTIST.. LOVE LOVE LOVE (of course I do) haha!! big kiss for these 😉
    I can see you going sooooo far with this Mia, and I’m thrilled that your tutor loved your work – well done! God bless xx

    1. Your girls were so wonderful to be with…we had fun! They are beautiful girls inside and out and a credit to their mumma! X

      1. Thank you! same goes to you and your beautiful girls.. we are blessed!

  5. These are gorgeous Mia. I didn’t know you had a passion for photography too. WordPress WAS a little quiet last week wasn’t it? I thought it was just me. I’ll go back and check your other post.

    1. Thanks Jennifer, My art wins or sells seem to always end back in photography equipment! I do love it! WordPress was very strange last week….such a shame with an important post. Never mind!

  6. Loving your photography Mia! I am in the midst of completing a 6 week course in Freo and hopefully by the end of it I am a little more clued up. I’d love to get together some time and swap tips. Keep up the good work!

    1. That sounds good Wendy. What course was it?

      1. Peter Zuvela Studio Manager of J Shed Art Studio in Fremantle. I did a level 1 course last year (which I got nothing out of) and now doing level 2 for next 5 weeks. So you got a lot out of your course? Did it cost you?

      2. I think I had him as a tutor years go at Claremont???? The course I am doing was a bit costly but it’s helped. It’s an ongoing learning curve!

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