Encouraged…educated…and exhibited!

copyright Mia Laing
‘Summer’s End’
Oil on Canvas – 2013
24 x 30 inch

This weekend The West Australian Society of Arts had their 117th annual exhibition. It is the oldest arts society in WA, with its history traced to 1890. The present society became incorporated in 1896 and it was through the societies keen encouragement of the government of the day and fundraising through the local business community that WA had its first art gallery, The Art Gallery of Western Australia’s  foundations laid in 1908.

The societies motto is “Encourage, Educate, Exhibit” and in this spirit both experienced and emerging artists are welcomed to the society, of which there are currently over 100 members of various levels of ability.   I joined the society just 2 months ago after a couple of friends from my art class were talking about the demonstrations they had enjoyed.

I joined just in time to take part in the annual exhibition, though I was in two minds whether to exhibit or not as I didn’t have any new works to display.  I had a couple of canvas’ nearly finished but I didn’t want to compromise them by rushing at the last minute.  Having decided exhibiting was far better than not exhibiting at all…I put “The Guardian”,

copyright Mia laing
‘The Guardian’
Oil on canvas – 2013
Newman Art Expo

“Spring Blossom”,

'Spring Blossom' Oil on Canvas - 2013 30x24
‘Spring Blossom’
Oil on Canvas – 2013

“Pomegranates and Pottery”

Mia Laing - mymiasart.com
Pomegranates and Pottery
Oil on canvas – 2012
30×24 inch

and “Peaches and Pottery” on display.

copyright Mia Laing
Peaches and Pottery
Oil on Canvas – 2012

Well, am I ever glad I decided to join this exhibition….”Peaches and Pottery” one of my all time favourite paintings,  received a ‘Highly Commended’ award!  These accolades, as tiny and insubstantial, as they may appear to non painters, are a great boost to the moral of anyone that throws their soul into a creative pursuit such as painting…and especially  for someone who wears their heart pretty much exposed and seems to go through constant periods of self doubting.  Good feeling.

and….’Peaches and Pottery’  SOLD!!!  Woo Hoo!!  A great surprise that is tinged with sadness for a painting that I have loved over the last 18 months. My Grandmothers pottery so lovingly committed to canvas.  Good bye favourite painting, I hope you are loved in your new home!

Anyway, sentiment over…I started a new painting last thursday…and guess what?  Its finished already!  1 week.  Record.  I’m sure to make a few little changes and tweaks but its signed and to me that makes it pretty much done.

copyright Mia Laing
‘Summer’s End’
Oil on Canvas – 2013
24 x 30 inch

Sunset colour mixing has always terrified me.  Salmon pinks, with tinges of purples are certainly not found in any tube I’ve ever come across.  Over the last few months I have been learning  the importance of tone and how to isolate a colour to really see it.  By using a hole punched in card, it enables you to see a small patch of colour in all its glory – without other colours distracting or influencing it. It’s very accurate.

I also started another still life yesterday…finally in full swing mojo!  Thank goodness…

Mia x

8 thoughts on “Encouraged…educated…and exhibited!

  1. Congratulations, Mia. Your paintings are amazing, so I’m not surprised you’re being exhibited and winning awards… and selling! x

  2. Thank you so much Louise. Little steps…little steps. Up the mountain we go.

  3. The colors in “Summer’s End” are wonderful. I also really like how the swell of the waves are portrayed. Congratulations on both the exhibition and getting a painting sold!

  4. Lillian, thank you so much!

  5. How wonderful! Congratulations and I love the name Summers End!

    1. Thank you so much Lorri…the powers of Facebook for help with painting names! It was the end of summer, so it works very well. Thank you to my friend Jan, from Facebook ‘Arty Oils’.

  6. Joyce Westrip May 21, 2013 — 8:38 am

    Well done Mia – I thought somebody would have been attracted to The Guardian.

    Fond wishes

    Joyce Westrip

    ph: 61 8 93120531

    email: joycewestrip@webaussie.net

    1. Hi Joyce, thank you and yes, I’m surprised about ‘the Guardian’ too! I can never pick what will sell and what won’t. Much love, Mia

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