'Sock it to sarcoma' Oil on canvas - 2013 36x36 inch framed Donation to the Youth and Adolescent Cancer Center Hollywood Hospital
‘Sock it to Sarcoma’
Oil on canvas – 2013
36×36 inch framed
Donation to the Adolescent and Young Adults Cancer Centre Nedlands

Here it is, as promised…the signed, finished and framed ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ painting.  (Please read the story behind this painting here :

Sock it to Sarcoma

I am totally thrilled with the outcome of this painting and ‘Art Presentations’ (Graylands Road, Claremont) my favourite framer, chose the perfect white, double bevelled edge frame to highlight and finish this very bright painting.  I love it.  I also love the fact that ‘Art Presentations’ in support of this great charity, gave the framing to me at cost!  Thank you, thank you Peter!!

It’s gone to its new home at the brand new Adolescent and Young Adults Cancer Centre in  Nedlands.  The official opening was on the 2nd of May, and though I am yet to see where it is hanging, I have had an amazing response from the ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ foundation and apparently ‘Canteen’ who helped fund the building of this much-needed centre, were very impressed too.

As seems to happen regularly in my ‘Mum that paints’ life, I am lingering in that no mans land of complete indecision as to what to paint next.  ‘Sock it to Sarcoma’ was a joy to paint. The paint just flowed  onto the canvas, every brush stroke went on with ease, each studio session was completed with great happiness that I was able to paint this special commission and that it came together in record time (10 days!!!) and with such perfection.  I felt totally engrossed in this painting…and I hope it shows in the end result.

copyright 2013 Mia Laing
Details – the fun part of painting!

But, I don’t know how to top it.

It’s stumped me and though this feeling is not completely unknown to me, as it seems to happen… each…and ….every…time I finish a piece that I am happy with, I have an overwhelming case of  painters block.    The problem is – I have never been happier with an end result before.   This painting had purpose and was done without any personal motives other than giving back and hopefully making a not so happy place happier.  My next painting needs to be created with Art Prizes and possible selling in mind and therefore the indecision takes on a whole new meaning…and it all just seems so, so…meaningless. I love to paint.  I want to paint for the joy of it, the buzz of achievement, the reward of accomplishment, but I also have to be practical and think of earning some money to pay for the materials I need to keep on painting! Oh…and to help pay for my camera fetish.

School holidays have not helped with my artistic block. A lazy trip to Rottnest and quality time with my girls means I have not even unlocked the studio once in the last two weeks.  Maybe I just need to do that and the rest will flow. Like Nike says – JUST DO IT.

With the Perth Royal Agricultural Show Art exhibition and a few other annual exhibitions later in the year, I know I have to get my butt into gear and get some ideas flowing.  I’m sleeping on it, pondering it, praying about it…and when the thoughts are sorted and the inspiration has arrived, I’ll be letting you guys know about it!

Do you ever get stumped by past successes?

What do you do to choose your next paint, photo, writing or other creative pursuit?

Does painting toenails count as painting?

Mia x

1 thought on “Lingering

  1. I feel you on this on so many levels, even if I’m not a painter. I think when we do really good work and we KNOW we did good work, we’re afraid that our next attempt will fail miserably and that it will somehow diminish our past successes. But like you said, maybe you just need to dive in head first and see what comes of it. Although if I were you, I’d paint my nails and THEN head to the studio. 😉

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