People Power

I’ve been holding off on this post for a few weeks…waiting for a little ol’ article to make its appearance in a little ol’ local paper.  It’s a great article, all about the Mosman Park Art Awards (yes that again!) and all about the winners of each section…problem is…they forgot one section…and one winner.

This is the line they forgot…

“And the winner of the ‘People’s Choice Art Award’ is….”

Drum roll….


Yes!  ‘Look Before You Leap’ got ‘the people choice’ award.

So exciting.

I love the fact that the ‘people’, the you and me’s of Perth, liked my painting.  The judges judge. They choose with a criteria in mind.  Whether the painting suits the collection, whether it’s different enough from the last few years etc, etc, etc.  Whether it’s too big…!

The ‘people’ choose because they LIKE it.  Simple as that.  LIKE.

So, I didn’t get my name mentioned in the paper.  So what?  Out of a couple of hundred paintings…mine was liked number one.

Gotta be happy with that!  A great bit of info for an artist’s blurb.

The next two art award entries are painted, photographed and all the paperwork is completed.  Onward and upward (hopefully).

Now I concentrate on getting a pile of work ready for an expo I have applied for in October.

Just letting you know.

Mia x

3 thoughts on “People Power

    Congratulations!! Even though I don’t post I keep reading your blog and love the photos and snip-its of art that we see.

    1. Thank you so much Caroline. It’s lovely to know you are reading my posts and liking what you see. I’m enjoying it, it keeps me motivated, so thanks for the thumbs up!

  2. Well done, Mia! A huge congratulations…that is the best award in my eyes! We choose art on what we see and like, not what the judges tell us they like! It’s an amazing painting and you are very talented!

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