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I am so excited to officially launch my new print on demand store in partnership with HiveMind Prints, based in Western Australia. This has been many months in the making, having taken time to intricately work out the fine details of how to bring the best quality reproductions to collectors in fine art paper and canvas, in a number of sizes and with beautiful frame selections.

Ive got three selections available. Find them on my Home page or in the links below…

Traditional Realism Prints

Imaginative Realism

Whimsical Animals

HiveMind Prints is a growing Australian company that handle the ordering and logistics of my artwork prints. It’s all automated for me, I just upload my image, select the products and pricing I want available, and HiveMind handle the printing, framing and delivery straight to my collectors. Their commitment to quality is second-to-none and from my experience, Blake is always open and willing to work with artists directly to improve the platform as best as possible. 

Quality is important to me

Quality has been my greatest priority when I made the decision to start having my originals professionally photographed two years ago. I use a leading Perth digital specialist for my photography, making sure they are perfectly colour matched and as close to the original as possible. Until now, I’ve only been able to offer clients paper and stretched canvas reproductions in a very limited size, as the logistics and handling have been too difficult and time consuming for me to still find time to paint. Now that I have HiveMind prints handling these important decisions, I can relax into painting my originals once again.

It’s like having my own personal assistant. I can interact with my store via the online portal and I’m sent regular email updates about my print orders as they progress. Then, the profits are deposited directly into my account – it’s that easy. HiveMind even makes suggestions on the best product selections for my work and always make sure my prices are reflective of my brand and career history. I can receive client details for my records and for sending on important documents, such as Certificates of Authenticity.  

Every month there are new products added to the range based on the artist’s feedback. They’ll soon be opening up to buyers in the US and UK, meaning my international customers can purchase my prints and have them printed in their own country- saving a bunch on shipping. HiveMind Prints has a fantastic future and I’d encourage any professional artist to get on board in these early stages as the platform continues to go from strength to strength. The link to learn more is here.

For my collectors, I can now offer you reproductions of the highest quality, to suit every budget, and for filling any space, from small unframed paper prints, to massive stretched canvas and even large scale framed works. Its so exciting!

Get in touch with Blake at HiveMind Prints or myself with any questions regarding membership or purchasing.

Now, get shopping!

Im off to paint…


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