‘Reflection’ Perth RAS Prize Winner – 2014

copyright Mia Laing 2014
Oil on Canvas 2014
30×40 inches
‘Framer’s Award’ Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2014

Well hello there lovely people!  It’s been a while in-between blog posts but what’s new this year?  I have completely fallen off the blog circuit… that’s ok.  There’s a lot going on. Year 12 for my biggest girl being my prime focus and I have at least 5 completed paintings I haven’t blogged yet, which goes to show,  though I am quiet on my blog, I’m busy in the studio.

I promised my Mama I would do a blog post this week, despite the fact that all my Facebook followers have already been inundated with my happy news…sorry FB…you have been very patient with my Woohooing.

I won a prize at the Perth Royal Agricultural Show, not first prize, but a prize all the same!  I can safely say that most Perth artist  would set their calendars around the Royal Show.  It’s the biggest exhibition for our year, attracting thousands of show goers through the doors of the art exhibition.

There were just under 200 works chosen as finalists this year.  An astounding, eclectic display of art from both established and emerging artists and a good scattering of enthusiastic hobbyists.  It’s my fourth Royal Show exhibition.  Apparently I made it into the top ten for prize considerations last year but got bumped out for any prizes or commendations in the last round of judging.  Though I did sell my painting.  Bonus.

copyright Mia laing 2013
‘Sunny Girl
Perth Royal Agricultural Show 2013 – Finalist

This year I did it!  I received the ‘Framers’ prize, chosen by the curator as his favourite artwork.  Thrilled I tell you, thrilled!  They only award 3 prizes and two highly commended awards (not including the Rural Awards which I don’t qualify for)…its not easy to get an accolade at the show.

The First prize was actually won by a friend of mine…


Jo is another ‘Mum that paints’.  She has been doing the circuit far longer then I have and has worked very hard over many years getting her work out there.  I am so very happy for her.  We regularly bump into each other at various exhibitions, so it was great to salute each other with a glass of champagne at the official presentations.  Well done Jo!

It’s straight back to work though…three more exhibitions to enjoy for this year and paintings started already for next years art awards.  A couple of commissions in discussion too…wow!  Busy, busy…and seeing Bel through her last few weeks of school and exams. I will relax late December!

Thanks everyone on FB who wrote such lovely words of congratulations on Friday…it really means a lot to have such an encouraging fellowship.  It gives a much needed boost in the hard times and a great buzz when things are going smoothly.

Truly, Thanks.  Now that’s the last Hurrah…until the next celebration…hopefully!

Mia x


3 thoughts on “‘Reflection’ Perth RAS Prize Winner – 2014

  1. Well Done again Mia – Congratulations – what was the prize – a certificate or something more tangible?

    We leave for India crack of dawn on Wednesday – purely nostalgic this time.

    Much Love


  2. I’m absolutely thrilled for you, Mia! Couldn’t have happened to a more talented, more hard-working, or nicer person. May it be the start of bigger things! Best wishes, Louise xx

  3. Congratulations, Mia! It’s so wonderful to see your work getting the recognition it deserves. It’s also both inspiring and motivating to know that hard work does indeed pay off if we are patient and we keep going. Hope you have a great week ahead! 🙂

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