The Painting of a Series

July, August and September are busy months on my calendar, with numerous art prizes announcing their finalists and holding their yearly exhibitions.  I have 6 art prizes to excitedly await the finalists list and two exhibitions needing 7 paintings between them.  13 paintings that will hopefully get some extra eyes upon them!

Paintbrushes crossed.

I have two distinct bodies of work that I have painted over the years and will happily continue with…my figurative works, mostly set in or around water, and my still-life, flat-lay plate series.

I finished another ‘plate’ today…

copyright Mia laing 2016
‘Summer’  Oil on canvas 2016 30×30′ / 76×76 cm

Oh boy, these plates are not easy with their large-scale, delicate detail…but gosh, I enjoy conquering the complexity of these images.

They sell well too…it seems I am not the only gal liking the idea of hanging pretty plates on her kitchen and dining room walls.  This is my way of honouring a 70’s childhood and the memory of most houses having a plate display.

What goes around comes around…reinvented!

copyright Mia laing 2016
Plates series Artist – Mia Laing


Commissions work beautifully with this series too…working to a colour scheme or using a cherished family plate.

I’m excited to get started on a new plate painting…watch this space!

Mia x






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