‘The Ripple Effect’

copyright 2013 Mia Laing
‘The Ripple Effect’
Oil on Canvas – 2013

After two years of hit and miss image choosing, I have finally come to a realisation of what I love to paint.  I’ve tried everything these last two years – still-life, landscape, portraits.   I’ve given them all a go in the quest to find my own style and look.  After much soul-searching as I paint each piece, what seems to really tickle my fancy is figurative work of any kind.

Figures in the landscape, figures close up, figures , just figures with the occasional dog thrown in!   I’ve still got a lot to learn with portraiture and full face, close up images, but I’m going to work my way through the intensive learning process and see where I find myself.  Capturing a person, in a natural setting, with a play of light and colour offers so much to me just now.

Story telling with a paintbrush is my joy. ‘Life at the end of a paintbrush’ has been my catch phrase on this blog for the last few years.  Capturing light, life, moments in time.  Story telling in paint, that touches the heart,  that helps us remember happy times  or that provokes an emotion.  Art that offers life ever after.

As I have pushed my learning curve with photography, it has enhanced my understanding of composition and what makes a good image.  I am drawn to photos with amazing light, strong lines and most importantly a story being told within the image.  I’m seeing these story telling images EVERYWHERE at the moment and my brain is going crazy with all the possibilities…but…

I… just….cant…paint…fast…enough. Sigh.

I also needed to have about another 5 children, as I seem to be pushing the posing patience with my current two.  Lucky for me, there are some very kind and generous photographers out there, that are happy to share their images with a crazy artist lady who has fallen in love with their photo’s.  (Thank you Jo and Nancy).

My head is full of plans and ideas…The internet is an amazing place to while away the hours pondering the imagination.  PINTEREST, Oh how I heart you.   Magazines are bought purely for certain images that have caught my eye and I find great pleasure in ripping magazines to pieces, filing certain images away in a ‘inspiration’ folder.  Pinterest is sooo much tidier and less wasteful!!  If you are a photographer or creative in any way…take a look at Pinterest.  Happy pinning!

There are incredible photographers all over the world that inspire me with their creations and though it is unethical and totally unimaginative to exactly copy their efforts, many images can offer the spark of a thought that guides a creative process to unfold.

I recently did a photo session, with Bel,  with a magazine image carefully folded in my pocket.  This was my inspiration…check out that light!!

Magazine Rip Out - inspiration for composition and light.
Magazine Rip Out – inspiration for composition and light.

This was my take on it…

copyright 2013 Mia Laing
‘The Ripple Effect’
Oil on canvas – 2013

I am very happy with how this painting has turned out.  I had planned it for entry into an art prize due later this month.  Problem is…I love this painting and I want to keep it for Bel.  Oops…back to the easel, quickly, to get another painting finished for that prize!

Thank goodness I already knew what project was next..and its a beauty!  Watch this space for that reveal in a week or so.  Guess what?  It also tells a story.

Story telling.  That’s my thing…

Other news this week…copyright Mia laing 2013‘Sunny Girl’ has gone for its judging at the Perth Royal Agricultural Show.  Dropping off a piece for a prize exhibition is such an emotional affair.  Seeing all the other artists take on their art, the many and varied styles and subject matter is very, very humbling.  Each and every piece could be considered a winner in the eyes of a judge…Wish Me Luck!!

Wishing you many happy story telling moments,

Mia x

6 thoughts on “‘The Ripple Effect’

  1. Your paintings are great Mia, and your love of painting shows in each one. I’m so enjoying following your journey — great things are already happening and greater things to come, I suspect! You also write well, by the way. Your blog posts often reflect what I am feeling, especially about the creative process, and you can put it into words better than me. Hang on a minute — I’m meant to be the writer …! Well done and best wishes.

  2. Too funny Louise! You ARE a writer…I am a RAMBLER!!! My words just come out and remain somewhat unedited…a bit like brainstorming on the internet. Your writing is fluid and precise and filled with emotion and I love it. Besides, I often guess at the punctuation and grammar!!!! Ooops. Whether we are painters or writers or photographers, the creative process can be sooo hard to decipher at times. Thanks always for your comments.

  3. A fellow lover of the light! I love the way it moves and dances in the images and how the stillness of the photo or the painting freezes it forever. {exhale}
    I totally agree with your writing btw. Sublime.

    1. Thank you Nancy…I am, intact, still very unsure of this paintings title due to all that lovely, amazing light. My husband came up with ‘the ripple effect’ but I’m still thinking it should be ‘A Light Touch’….cause it’s all about the light! Glad you like it!! Can’t wait for the big unveil of your princess.

  4. russ bowker-douglass September 8, 2013 — 6:24 pm

    another beautiful and imaginative piece of art from a very talented daughter!!! Love You, Dadxxx

    1. Thanks papa bear!

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