The Snow and the Sand

Precious gemsHaving decided that my photos have been a bit suburban and homely of late, I have organised a change of pace…Overseas travel, here we come!

I know, I know… we are told over and over, not to advertise on Facebook and the internet when you leave your home but its going to be pretty damn obvious that we are away when photos of foreign lands finish off my 365 photo project.

So….if you go by the title of robber, burglar or just lowlife….please dont bother with our house as your next option, though I cannot believe any of my WordPress followers would ever fall into these categories, especially considering at least half of you are friends or relatives!  We have a family coming to stay to mind the house, dog and cats.  House sitters trained in marshal arts, armed with rolling pins and licensed to…well, protect our home.  Seriously.  Dont even think of it. Besides we have a very secure house, Crimsafe windows, an alarm and great neighbours and I’m taking my camera and Ipad with me, so there is nothing left of any value, bar the dog…Stay home, it’s not worth it.

On a more positive note, Scotland here we come…and just to add a diverse cultural mix into the photo album…we are spending time before and after Scotland in Dubai.  The snow and the sand, the fog and the haze, the gray and the beige, the kilt and the burqa, castles and well….shopping!!  Cause, we do buy in Dubai!

This trip is all about Dudie’s family and showing Bon her first ever snow.  It’s all about a change of scenery from our sun drenched shores,  to the Loch’s and majestic mountains, incredible historic buildings and the beauty that is Scotland.  Hopefully, gloved fingers and thermal sock covered toes crossed, we will enjoy a white Christmas…we live in hope.  Scotland weatherThe iPhone weather reports are helping us stay positive that our wishes will come true!! There is a mingling of snow amist the rain.  Apparently, Scotland is experiencing an early cold snap…minus 10 in some parts!!  YIKES.  That is a little too cold for the Aussie wife and kiddies of a Highlander, who own no seriously cold proof clothes. I don’t think my cotton cardigan is quite gonna cut it this time!   If we survive the chill, we are planning a visit (of course) to Edinburgh Castle, Loch Ness and a trip to the ski fields to make sure we give the girls some really great history and some snow time.  Exciting.

Dubai is all about family too…my big bro and his 3 gorgeous girls. Though the weather report today has me very confused…rain? In Dubai? Mother Nature what are you playing at?Dubai weather!Dubai is not Scotland.  Ok…I’ve spoken to my brother…its a sprinkle.  Not rain…just a sprinkle, dampening the dust.  That weather forecast looks very pleasant.  Thank you very much.
I am excited to see Dubai…in all it’s over the top glory. The contrast of the rich heritage of the souks with the  ultra modern, shoppers paradise that Dubai is renowned for.  Hmmm…it just happens that the ‘Dubai Shopping festival’ starts the day after we arrive.  Sorry Dudie, but a girl (or three) has gotta do what a girls gotta do.  The Dubai mall is calling our names – all 1200 stores.  Lucky for Dudie – I don’t do brand’s…it’s cheap and cheerful all the way for me and lots of window shopping.  Besides, the Aquarium is there.  I love watching sea creatures…especially before I shop. And if we don’t get to ski in Scotland…we can in Dubai…in the mall.  CRAZY!!!!

It’s been seriously busy here in the last few months…I remember having a husband…  Anyone seen him? A change of pace and scenery and a true family holiday is needed.  With thoughts of the recent, horrific tragedy in the States so on our minds, this holiday is a time to just be with my girls, creating memories.

Christmas has been at our house just about every year for the last 15 years!  I cannot believe that I am off duty this year.  Its felt strange.  We have put up a small tree and a minimal amount of decorations for the family minding our house, but it hasn’t had the same Christmasy feel. I’m hoping the spirit of Christmas will kick in with a blast of cold air and some frost on my eyelashes and that my eyeslids don’t freeze together when I have tears that we have left my mama and Furchildren behind at Christmas time.  Sorry Mama…we will be back in no time, laden with gifts and stories galore.

The suitcases are almost packed (and repacked). I’ve cleaned the house to within an inch of her foundations ready for our security agent house sitters; passports and tickets have been double checked and are ready to go…the Camera is charged, spare SD cards and new prime lens are bought. Olympus OMD…lets see what you can do…cause…Mama’s gonna SNAP!  Thousands.

Watch this space…blogtastic posts to come.

Mia x

6 thoughts on “The Snow and the Sand

  1. How funny Mia, I’m sure you’ve scared off any potential baddies! Have a great trip and I hope it snows plenty for your girls 🙂
    Bon voyage,

    1. Thanks Gin…..Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy some lovely, shark free moments by the seaside!

  2. Unless you have a particular reason to visit there are a lot better Lochs to see than Loch Ness.

    1. Thanks David, which ones would you recommend? Obviously the kids are fascinated by the whole Loch Ness monster thing!

      1. Sadly, for them, there is no monster but it depends where you are starting from and how far you wish to travel as to what Lochs to recommend.

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