Warm Wishes From Sunny Western Australia

Warm Wishes From Down Under by Perth Artist, Mia Laing

As the sun beats down unrelentingly in Perth, Western Australia (it’s 40 degrees outside, as I sit within the cool interior of my home, sipping an icy drink, Christmas food all prepped and ready) I want to wish you a happy, healthy and safe Christmas, from my family to yours.

We have been so incredibly fortunate in Western Australia, to have (so far) missed the lock downs and restrictions that Covid has created for many parts of the world. If this is your circumstances, I have you in my thoughts, with many of our family living overseas and in lockdown as I type.

I truly hope for you a gentle and happy Christmas, no matter the circumstances.

Thank you for your loyalty and support to my small business over the year, whether that has been as a client or follower, it means a great deal to know I have such a wonderful cheer squad from the sidelines.

I’ve got some great plans and projects for the new year and I hope you will stick around. New beginnings after a long and tiring year are always filled with excitement! Remember to follow along via my very sporadic newsletter for updates! Sign up here.

Merry Christmas,

Mia x

2 thoughts on “Warm Wishes From Sunny Western Australia

  1. And a peaceful joyous Christmas to you and your loved ones, Mia. Xx

    1. Thank you Maureen! Wishing you a beautiful Christmas…hopefully somewhere cool!

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