Why I Have An Art Blog

This little blog of mine, my teeny piece of the blogosphere in a vast galaxy of art writers, has been published for approximately 6 years. In its early days, I wrote from my heart, knowing it was primarily my mum and dad, who made up the vast majority of my 3 followers. The other follower was me.

I wrote about life and motherhood, paint and pets, with the occasional recipe thrown in for good measure….and I totally loved it.

Iridescent Sea, oil on canvas, Mia Laing 2016

Then my blog grew. Facebook blossomed. Instagram expanded and my daughters were now both teenagers, with ever present eyeball rolling at the mere thought of them being in a blog post.

I started to question the validity of my posts; to rewrite and then delete my writing and then sadly the realisation hit that I’d lost my nerve and voice and spending two hours writing a blog that nobody read because it was some kind of alien cross between an art and a mummy blog, was therefore a huge waste of my time.

For the past 2 years my blog has been silenced by this fear and doubt and eyeball rolling…but the thing is, I missed writing.

I missed searching for just the right word. I missed the blank page awaiting imagery to fill it. I missed letting my thoughts shift through a jumble of ideas and the concentration needed to type it out in a neat and orderly sequence of grammar and punctuation.

So this year I decided it was time to get back to my blog. I’ve overhauled its look, added a shop, come to grips with sorting my art galleries and finally I’m feeling my blog voice rising above a whisper in the dark.

Why I want to Blog

Art is my passion. I live and breath and dream painting. From dawn to dusk, I’m pondering ideas and planning new paintings.  When I’m not painting (which is not very often!) I’m taking photos or on the computer working on marketing and the business side of art.

A selection of oil paintings by Mia Laing

After ten years of living ‘life at the end of a paintbrush’, I’ve got a lot to give back and to share with others… and I like to write.


Passion and knowledge.

The perfect Art blog mix.

But I Need Your Help

Yep, there’s not much point to all of this if I’m still writing to an empty void…though my ma and pa are still my biggest fans, I’d really like to know if I’m talking to anyone else?

I’ve got enough artwork to purely blog my own art, but blowing my own trumpet is actually not what I want to do…well every now and then, yes, but not all the time!

Let me know what you would like to read about…whether you are an artist or a collector, an art lover or a pet lover, an old friend or just someone who has stumbled here randomly. I want to hear from you!

I have Facebook, Instagram, this blog, Pinterest (pin away my lovelies!) and a monthly newsletter.

Art Furpreciation, Oil on canvas 2016, Mia Laing

I know all about oil paint, golden retrievers, photography and how to survive the juggle of motherhood and retain your sanity, whilst being a passionate creative. I know all about doubt, second guessing and dealing with disappointment…I also know how to turn these negatives into positives, so if you need it, I’m here to help.

Come on, say hi. Ask a question, give me a blog idea, tell me about yourself.

Why I have an art blog, by Mia Laing mymiasart.com

My paintbrushes are twitching, my keyboard is ready!




10 thoughts on “Why I Have An Art Blog

  1. I have a question!
    What do you do when you have an idea … I mean, I know words, so when I have an idea, it’s something to write down. As an artist, do you quickly sketch something? Write something? Take photos? What’s your whole system for making sure you capture all those random ideas that come to you at all kinds of random moments?

    1. Hi Amanda! Oh, good question! I keep a small notebook and write down the thought first in words…then I ponder and start trying to sort out an idea very, very roughly. Then it’s time to find photos. I either take these by cajoling and bribing my girls, if its a figurative painting I want to do, or I set up a stilllife or I search for free for use photos to use. It can sometimes take me weeks or even months to get my initial thought into a canvas and even then, it can morph and change from my initial idea.

  2. Hey beautiful Mia
    I look forward to reading your blogs. They make you real and that my journey is not pointless. I know that someone has been through all of this before me. Thank you for sharing. Please keep going. I think you have great courage and should share your amazing journey with all of us. I’m listening.
    The part that spoke most to me in this post was:
    “how to survive the juggle of motherhood and retain your sanity, whilst being a passionate creative. I know all about doubt, second guessing and dealing with disappointment…I also know how to turn these negatives into positives, so if you need it, I’m here to help.”
    Thank you. You are a true gem. Xxx

    1. Thank you Hayley. I can’t tell you how nice it is to hear my blogs are having the right message. It’s not an easy journey being a mum that paints…it’s a huge juggle between guilt and joy. I’ve shed the tears, thickened the hide (and waist!) and have learnt…or actually that should read, am still learning how to deal with the not so fun aspects of being a professional artist. Thanks for commenting Hayley!

  3. This post warms my heart! I’m so glad to see your blogging again! 😀

    1. Thanks Louise! Soooo enjoying it! I’ll look forward to yours cranking up soon too.

  4. Your blogs are delightful, Mia. As a non-artist, I’m in awe of people who paint, and I thoroughly enjoy reading your stories of a painter’s life. The information in your last few posts has been especially interesting. I claimed information I got from your recent post to appear very knowledgeable about painters’ signatures in a forum way outside a painting or writing field. Good feeling!

    1. Thank you Maureen. It’s always great to hear that non artists are also enjoying my writing. Your own blog is so inspirational!

  5. Just write your thoughts on all your artworks process. Write as though you’re talking to a friend. Don’t worry about how you phrase it. Just treat all your readers like your friends and blab away. And also, do not worry about nobody’s reading it, there’s always some people who will relate to it.
    Happy writing!!

    1. Thank you Sharon! So true. I forget how many people Judy love the process. I’m good a blabbing away, so that part I can successfully do!!

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