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DesignHi my lovelies,

I have plans in the making for 2018, one of which is a monthly ‘Life at the end of a paintbrush’ newsletter. As a thank you for your support of my art journey and for signing up to hear my news once a month,  I am going to give away, yes GIVE away,  some small paintings (5×7′ valued approx $150 AUD) to a few lucky readers.

Australian Artist Mia Laing
Australian Artist Mia Laing

All you need do is sign up for my newsletter via the pop up or via the link at the bottom of this post.  

If you are already receiving my blog via email, don’t worry, you are already signed up and in the running.  Unsubscribe if you don’t want to win a painting – I promise not to judge you for already owning too many of my paintings 😉

Wondering why I am doing this? Well, I realised that after 6 years of writing this blog, I’m still only emailing it to my Ma and Pa.  Sad, I know.

My newsletter will give you access to art giveaways and auctions, tips and tricks, and exciting art news separate from what you read on my blog and it will link you through to my latest blog in case you missed it.

And guess what? There is no catch.  None.  There will be paintings given to random readers and you can unsubscribe at any time, which I hope you don’t, but you can!

Crazy I know.

Go on….I know  you want too…help this crazy artist out!

Click here to sign up for my monthly newsletter to see my latest artworks and to be in the running to win a painting!

Good job! Thank you.

x Mia

3 thoughts on “Win a painting!!

  1. Mia, I’ve read several of your blog posts in the past year but I guess never signed up for your newsletter. So now I’m signed up! I love following your journey on IG. I’m inspired by you and many other artists that post so I thank you for that.

  2. Have a happy Christmas and hope you co tinge to succeed next year as well! We read your news all the time .. Lots love to you Calum and Bonnie and Ishbel have fun xxxxx

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